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Keeping your grass green with water restrictions

After a relatively dry winter, and a dry Summer forecast, it can be hard to keep your garden and lawns hydrated and green. With the current Hunter Water level 1 water restriction in place, if we don’t have any rain to replenish the dams we could face further restrictions. So if you don’t have bore water at your place, here are our top tips to watering effectively:

  • water early in the morning (just after sun rise is a good time) or at dusk - this prevents burning your lawn and helps preserve water in the soil longer (plus will meet water restrictions if implemented)

  • use a hand held trigger nozzle on a hose to control water flow

  • watering every 2nd or 3rd day should keep your lawn green without dramatically increasing your water bill

  • investigate installing an irrigation system at your place - this will allow better water distribution and saturation

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