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Let's talk about Fences

There are many reasons to put fencing up at your place - security, privacy, safety regulations and for aesthetics. From new fences to replacing old fences, here are some of Jamie’s top tips to consider:

  • check your boundaries - make sure perimeter fences are on the correct boundary lines to avoid issues later. Council can provide you with your boundary measurements if you don’t already have them

  • consider the material - from white picket to wood or colorbond, the material can enhance your landscape. Choose the material based on the purpose, colorbond creates a strong boundary fence, whilst picket fences create character

  • regulations - make sure you meet council regulations and guidelines with your fencing. We recommend getting the professionals in for pool and boundary fences, to ensure safety and structure

  • structure - ensure you use the right concrete mix, as well as the correct binding materials, to ensure your fence is solid in structure

Considering a fence at your place? Contact The Garden Gnome Port Stephens for any of your landscaping needs.

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