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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

You don’t need a large space to grow your own herbs and veges or to get composting. Here are Jamie’s top 5 tips to get you growing this Spring:

  • Large pots can be used for a number of herbs. Make sure you allow space in between them and ensure they have a sunny position and enough water

  • If you have the space to build a raised vegetable patch, the simplest material to use is treated pine, or for an organic garden you can use hardwood timber or steel.

  • Make sure you set up on a flat surface and allow enough height to fill with soil

  • Old newspaper creates a good barrier for weeds growing up from the ground, plus will break down over time

  • Diluted vinegar is a good natural alternative to control weeds, without damaging your crop

  • Compost bins can be made from any solid material, including old plastic bins. Make sure you have access to take the compost out at the bottom, add water at intervals, and ensure the compost bin is in sunlight to allow heat to breakdown your garden and vegetable matter

Thinking of building some vegetable patches at your house? Talk to The Garden Gnome Port Stephens for any of your landscaping needs.

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